Boat means sharing space and stories in the utmost respect of everyone. It implies proximity and communion with the sea. Through contemplation, it makes approach beauty. Boat means feeling free to have a different perspective.

Sailing means that we sail. For real. With adrenaline or being patient, we accept in any case to move in the most respectful way for the environment. We exploit the wind through the sails, and the energy of the sun through photovoltaic panels for the batteries and the electric dinghy.

We will be more than happy to share with you from the most poetic to the most technical moments of it, showing you or even learning too!

Sailing Bubbles all'Isola dei Conigli


We’re two young lovers of the sea, of the islands, and of traveling. We try to marry all these inputs in the concept of sailboat, our home 365 days a year.

When you come aboard, you enter our house, where you’ll be our guests just like friends.

At our place we cooking is done with done and plenty of care. Fresh and local ingredients bring on the table the essence of our Mediterranean cuisine, served rigorously with no single-use plastic.

On our floating home there will always be the harmony that stems from a slow approach to life, with no watches, where time is naturally marked by sunrise and sunset.


We’re two dive instructors with a peculiar style, refined throughout the years thanks to a deep knowledge of the tropical seas, a scientific approach, and an unconditional love for our Mediterranean.

We show explain and tell, before during and after every dive. And please be patient if it’s too much, especially when it comes to nudibranchs…

Scuba or freediving, to learn or to explore, you’ll dive personally with us using the facilities and the logistics of the most serious diving centers in our destinations, to offer you exclusivity and professionalism.

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Sicily - Sailing Bubbles


Our approach to traveling doesn’t end with natural beauty and clichés.

Beside pristine bays and the underwater explosion of life, as many treasures hide on land, often too hard to unveil for the tourist passing by.

We want to pique your curiosity to turn your holiday into a moment of cultural discovery too, where you’ll be able to grasp the authenticity of places and people.

At every stop you’ll find a big family ready to welcome and guide you.