Uniting two passions in our Sicilian sea

To lovers of the sea everywhere, Sailing Bubbles offers an original vacation option: a diving safari sailing liveaboard in Sicily inclusive of scuba diving and freediving under our expert eye of skippers and diving instructors.

It’s the perfect occasion to learn or practice the art of sailing, scuba diving and freediving, or simply to relax, while exploring the most authentic corners of the Mediterranean sea.

We offer a special holiday where culture and passion for the sea merge together in a special and unique space: our sailboat, our home.

About us

Sooner or later, the special routes end up crossing each other in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Lucio is from Sicily and Elisa is from Tuscany and the small island of Ustica – a scuba diving paradise – is where we met during the summer of 2017.

We had very different backgrounds, yet we were both open to the world. Lucio was a PhD, university professor and oceanography researcher in France before he decided to try and make a living out of his passion for sailing and diving. Elisa had been an au pair and farm worker in Australia who traveled much as a backpacker and had then decided to become a scuba diving instructor.

Together we set out on many adventures in the Mediterranean and in the Tropics… until one day we realized that it was time to make the dream come true.

We have chosen to follow a nomad lifestyle based upon freedom and today our lives are based on sharing what we love the most: come join us for an experience you will treasure forever!

The sailboat

Magic Star is a Sun Odyssey 45.2 designed by the renowned French yacht builder Jeanneau. Its features are elegant and harmonious.

Our Sun Odyssey version has 4 double cabins and 2 heads with shower, ideal both for a cabin charter and for cruising with family or friends.

Despite the fact she was not built for winning regattas, Magic Star is equipped with care. We believe that proper sailing is essential to offer you an exciting experience.

Every feature of the boat has been carefully thought out. The superb teak wood deck and the warm wood surfaces inside, the very spacious cockpit with easy access to the sea, the photovoltaic panels and the perfectly quiet electric tender, not to mention the defibrillator and the medical oxygen tank we store onboard. Every single detail stems from our idea of a comfortable, elegant, green, and secure home.


We offer four itineraries, all one week long. We set sail from Castellammare del Golfo, Lampedusa, or Capo d’Orlando based on the chosen route.

Our itineraries take us to the best diving sites in Sicily, mostly within Marine Protected Areas, and pass through some of the most iconic spots of the Mediterranean.

Our local knowledge and contacts account for the rest of the magic: outstanding natural beauty, delicious food, historical sites and surprising encounters, are just some of the elements that will make your experience truly unforgettable.

Our calendar is organized in order to avoid certain locations when they are less safe from a meteorological point of view and/or invaded by crowds of tourists – we don’t like that!


We offer an experience which is half way between a sailing boat holiday and liveaboard diving.

Our profound passion for diving led us to become scuba and free diving SSI instructors. With Sailing Bubbles you can dive with us into some of the best spots in Sicily.

Safety and professionalism are our utmost priority. This is why throughout our itineraries we collaborate with specific and trusted Diving Centers owned by friends we have worked with in the past.

Discover and recreational dives, courses, scuba or free diving: everything is possible with Sailing Bubbles!


Our boat is our home: who comes onboard is a guest, not just a client. We do not simply bring you from one place to another: we travel together and show you what we want to see for ourselves.

We offer you the possibility to immerse yourself fully into the true Mediterranean lifestyle. By walking on ancient trails or sailing for real, by scuba and freediving or seeking for the least crowded spots, you will discover its authenticity in its slow rhythm. For there is much beyond a nice landscape.

Since we truly do love and take care of the sea, all our activities respect the environment. We don’t use disposable plastic onboard and we reduce our waste as much as possible.