Blending two passions in our Sicilian sea

To those who love the sea in all its forms, Sailing Bubbles offers a unique vacation:
a sailing cruise in Sicily where you’ll be able to scuba or free dive – or learn how to do it – under our own skippers’ and diving instructors’ guide.

This is as well the perfect chance to discover and practice sailing, or to simply relax, while exploring the most authentic spots of the Sicilian sea.

A special holiday where culture and passion for the sea merge into a remarkable space: our sailboat, our home.

About us

Sooner or later, the special routes end up crossing each other in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. This is how in the summer of 2017, in the small island of Ustica, we finally met: Lucio from Sicily and Elisa from Tuscany.

We had very different backgrounds, yet we were both open to the world. One, a professor and a researcher in oceanography at the University in France who fired himself to sail the world and live out of diving; the other, an au pair and farm worker in Australia who traveled as a backpacker before becoming a scuba diving instructor.

Ever since, common and separate experiences, in the Mediterranean and in the tropical seas, made us grow until the moment we looked in our eyes and knew it was time to make the dream come true.

Sailing, Diving: ours is a life style based upon the freedom of the nomads and the sincere sharing of what we love the most.

Elisa & Lucio intructors & skippers
Magic Star - Sailing holiday Sailboat

The sailboat

Magic Star is a Sun Odyssey 45.2 designed by the renowned French yacht builder Jeanneau. Its lines are elegant and harmonious.

The version of our Sun Odyssey is the one with 4 double cabins and 2 heads with shower, ideal both for a cabin charter and for cruising with family or friends.

Despite she was not built for winning regattas, we have been equipping Magic Star with care, because we believe that a proper sailing is key to an exciting experience.

The superb teak wood deck and the warm and perfectly-kept woods inside; the very spacious cockpit with easy access to the sea; the ample and clear deck: everything onboard stems from our idea of “home”, based on comfort and good taste.


Despite being open to any customization, we offer you three main itineraries with boarding in either Palermo, Trapani or Capo d’Orlando with respect to the selected route. The cruises last seven days at least. We also propose a fourth itinerary, longer and more challenging, with departure from San Leone, near Agrigento.

These routes are planned around the best diving sites in Sicily and they touch some of the richest spots in the Mediterranean for natural beauty, culture and traditions. Through gastronomy and the proximity with nature, here still preserved, you will be living an unforgettable authentic experience.

We designed our calendar to cope with the touristic and meteorological seasonality of our destinations, because we don’t like the crowds!

Itineraries Sailing Bubbles © Il cielo in una sogliola
Ustica, Secca Fofo'


Ours is a concept in between a holiday on a sailing cruise and a diving liveaboard.

Driven by our vital passion for diving which led us to become scuba and free diving PADI instructors, we offer you the possibility to dive personally with us in the best dive spots in Sicily.

In order to grant you a safe and professional environment, we will use the logistics of a well-chosen set of local diving centers: trusted people whom we have been sharing a number of adventures with.

Discover and recreational dives, courses, scuba or free diving: everything is possible with Sailing Bubbles.


Our boat is our home: who comes onboard is a guest. We do not transport you, we show you what we want to see ourselves.

Sailing for real, diving with curiosity, hiking along ancient tracks, we will make our way into the slowness of the most authentic Mediterranean. Only this attitude can help you unfold what’s beyond a landscape.

And since we really live a sea life, respect for the environment comes first. Our approach eliminates single-use plastic, reduces any waste, and tries to indulge with Mother Nature in all its forms.