Frequently Asked Questions

Who chooses a vacation on a sailing boat is looking for a special voyage in the name of freedom. This implies a true life at sea that must also cope with the inconstancy of the elements.
The boat turns into a home moving at its peculiarly slow pace.
When we are sailing or at anchor you can rest, sunbathe on the deck, take a swim or even actively participate to the technical operations.
But we also care for you to discover the places we take you to: you’ll have to time to wander into the villages, rent a scooter, hike along the trails and of course scuba and free dive with us.
At night we’ll decide on whether having dinner on board lulled by the waves or landing to discover the local gastronomic traditions.

“Galley” means food while on a boat.
Before the boarding we go to the supermarket with one of you guests. We have studied menus that cope well with the particular setting of the sailboat and with the seasonality and typicality of the ingredients. Yet you can complement or change them as you please, especially for what concerns drinks and alcohol 😉
In any case, the galley is at your expenses.

We all are prone to seasickness. The difference lies simply in the type of waves we are sensitive to (more or less strong, more or less long) and in our being acquainted to them.
This being said, yes, even if you can be seasick you can come onboard. We always do our best to sail and drop the anchor so that waves be the least effective, but bring your pills nonetheless and be ready to feel momentarily sick until your body find its peace.

Even though we could technically dive from the boat, we have decided to make our dives through the diving centers based in our destination spots.
In other words, you’ll dive personally with us but using the local diving centers’ facilities: speed or rubber boats, cylinders and compressors, equipment if necessary.
We have carefully selected these diving centers: taking you there has a special meaning for us, as we’ll share friendships and tales that’ll make your vacation even more authentic.

The suitcase should be soft (preferably no trolleys!) and light: a few clothes, flip-flops or open sandals, only the indispensable bath products (with natural ingredients, if possible, to limit our impact on the sea), and oil-free sunscreens (again, if possible, eco-friendly).
No heels but yes to trekking shoes if you’re willing to hike. No hair-dryer either (we have one onboard but it only works when at port).
Diving and snorkeling equipment is welcome, especially if in soft bags, yet we do have masks and snorkels for everyone.

The bases for a smooth common living are reciprocal respect and sharing.
Beside these plain principles, we need to keep into account that water and electric power are limited.
Any possible water refill, which you owe, implies a course change. So be advised: shower fast and close the tap if you don’t need the water!
Concerning the electricity, you can of course recharge your phones at any time. Outside port the electric 220 V plugs do not work, but we do have enough USB slots.
A last-but-not-least good habit is to forget the shoes as soon as you come onboard: Magic Star fancies naked feet!
Finally, we ask you not to enter below-deck if you’re wet, even if just a little: there must be a reason why our woodwork is still in such an excellent state!

Of course! Although our formula is original because it combines diving with sailing, it doesn’t mean we don’t accept all the others!!!
So be welcome divers’ family and friends, and the same holds for complete non-divers groups.
There’s a whole list of activities for you too: simply taking a walk to catch the soul of our destinations, trekking for the most adventurous ones, swimming in the most wonderful bays, or total relaxing onboard.
On the other hand, if you’re interested in diving but you never had the chance to try, we can organize the so-called Discover Scuba Diving where you’ll learn the first rudiments while exploring with us, or directly the PADI Open Water Course.
Finally, who’s afraid of the cylinders can practice snorkeling or enrolling in the beginners-level PADI Free Diver Course with us.

Unfortunately we can’t chase away the bad weather in a snap.
But if we were to postpone the departure or wait longer than expected, we can always organize other activities, such as cultural, naturalistic, or, of course, gastronomic ones!
We do not provide any refunding.

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