Lucio Bellomo

After an academic career as a PhD and physical oceanographer, which led me as far as the South Pacific Ocean and allowed me to understand some of the phenomena that rule the oceans, I started out a new life from my biggest passions: sailing and the underwater world.

I made two Atlantic crossing sailings, I was a freediving fisherman in a lost bay in the Antilles, I worked as a scuba and free diving PADI instructor in Ustica and Marettimo in the Mediterranean Sea, but also in the Philippines and in the Maldives.

In 2018, I sailed alone for more than 4 months on a very small sailboat with no cabin touching all the small inhabited Italian islands: the project, called 33 Isole (33 Islands) made me know profoundly our fragile social heritage, Mediterranean and insular in particular.

I hope to share these and many more adventures with whoever will choose to come aboard with us. In Italian, English, French, Spanish or… Sicilian!

Elisa Manganelli

From a little and remote provincial swimming pool where I worked as a swimming teacher I reached the immense and long-craved Australia, that hosted me as an au pair first, then as a digger of grueling lands and later as all-around waitress in a Sydney cafe. The mark that this experience left inside me was so deep that I could not leave my beloved backpack anymore: it has been following me ever since through all my travels in South East Asia and more.

Since the Australian years, I never gave up cultivating my love for diving with great motivation and passion. Until the day I decided to become a PADI instructor in the Philippines.

After the Philippine years, I’ve been endlessly switching between the tropical and the Mediterranean seas. I learnt how both to appreciate their evident diversity and to admire their singularities, but I never learnt how to choose one of them without missing the other. Maybe that’s why I always carry my camera with me when I travel: not to forget even a single shade of those colors the sea has at sunrise or sunset, and to be able to recollect those moments with the right people.

I can tell you my stories in English and Italian, but you can challenge me in French and Spanish if you wish so!